GDPR Policy

Data Privacy
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. : Where is the data held?

A. : Data is stored in the Microsoft Azure UK datacentres.

Q. : Will you transfer data internationally?

A. : There are restrictions on international transfers of personal data. We will NOT transfer personal data abroad.

Q. : Do you (Sidqam) have access to the data we (Care Home) store for our organisation?

A. : Care homes can choose to provide access to Sidqam staff in the capacity of data processor or to help with the setup or to provide support. Access to the system is controlled by the care home admin and can be revoked or granted at any time through the self-service portal.

Q. : Are you registered with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)?

A. : Sidqam Ltd. is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a data controller and collects data for a variety of purposes. A copy of the registration is available through the ICO website (search by business name).

Q. : Do you use the data we input in the system?

A. : We never use any identifiable data in the system. We reserve the right to use anonymised data to perform analytics, trend analysis to improve our application and to generate invoices. All our use of anonymised/de-identified data is in line with our GDPR policy and follows strict ethical guidelines.

Q. : Do you comply with the Clinical risk management standard DCB0129?

A. : Yes, we comply with the Clinical risk management standard DCB0129.

Q. : Is there a limit on the number of users we can add to the system?

A. : No, as a care home you have unlimited user license, subject to fair usage policy. We charge on the basis of the number of beds in your care home.

Q. : Do I need Internet to use the application?

A. : Yes, the application needs constant internet connectivity to work.

Q. : What hardware and software specification do I need for the application to work?

A. : Certain App(s) may require an Apple or Android Device with internet access and a minimum of 32GB of memory available. The minimum operating systems we support are iOS 10 and Android 5 and above. The application works on web browsers with Web Application Browser support of Chrome 60+, Safari 10+ or iOS Safari 10+, Edge 12+, Firefox ESR+, Internet Explorer 11, Opera. The App(s) may work on other Operating Systems but the Operating Systems specified above are the minimum Operating Systems we test on and guarantee that the App(s) will run for.

Q. : Do you have an app?

A. : Yes, Direcht Restore is available both on Android (Google Play store) and iOS (Apple App store). We recommend using a tablet or mobile to run the Direcht Restore app.

Q. : Do I have to choose either web or app or can I use both?

A. : The application is available on web, Android and iOS. You can choose any mode to login to the application.

Q. : If I decide to not continue using Direcht Restore, can I get the data I have inputted back?

A. : Yes, of course. We can provide all the data in a CSV format, free of charge, on contract termination.

Q. : What happens to my data once I terminate the contract?

A. : We will provide you with a copy of your data and on your request as data controller, under GDPR, delete all the data we hold for your organisation.