Giving people with learning disabilities a voice to express their emotions.

Direcht LD is a software solution built for smartphone and tablet, created specifically for learning disability environments. Designed around a bespoke form builder to gather meaningful daily feedback from service users to assist caregivers, and to support funding applications and audits.

Helping people

be their best self.

Direcht LD is centered around a customised form builder, enabling the collection of valuable daily feedback from service users and caregiver assignments. Additionally, it provides support for funding applications and audits.”

Transforming care

for people with LD 

Direcht LD helps support individuals living within supported care environments to live their best lives. The bespoke form builder gathers meaningful data to a variety of questions, ensuring a sense of community, belonging and purpose within their lives.

All of this can be used to support future funding application and helps provide the data you need for your auditing and inspections. 

Transforming care

for caregivers 

Service users benefit from Direcht LD’s bespoke form builder, which can be tailored for each individual to record their wellness, readiness and preferences.

It provides an excellent means to record pre and post activity assessments, which then allows for caregivers to tailor their future activities and events for maximum results.

Why use

Direcht LD?

Ease of Use: Direcht LD has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for users across all levels of digital literacy.

Customisation: Direcht LD can be tailored to accommodate the unique preferences of each service user, allowing for a personalised experience by adjusting the interface and functionality to meet individual requirements.

Data Management and Security: Direcht LD proficiently handles, secures, and presents data, consistently tracking individual progress and outcomes over established timeframes. Our secure data centers maintain strict access controls, ensuring information is available exclusively to authorised personnel – and helps inform your CQC rating.

Technology you

can trust.

Driven by our commitment  to excellence, we are honoured by the many certifications we’ve received, affirming that our service adheres to the utmost levels of quality, security, and dependability.



Helping ensure that our software communicates seamlessly with others.


A robust rules and specifications for exchanging electronic health care data – ensuring safety and security

ISO 27001

An international standard to manage information security.

NHS Digital Toolkit

an online self-assessment tool that all organisations must use if they have access to NHS patient data and systems.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier (G-Cloud 13)

Ensuring customers can buy our services quickly and cost effectively while complying with procurement regulations.


Transforming the way we care.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why was Direcht LD created?

Direcht LD was created specifically for the Learning Disability community. It is not simply an existing care planning software with an LD badge – we developed it from the ground up with input from LD clinicians and caregivers to ensure alignment with the service users needs.

Is Direcht LD tailored to specific LD environments?

Yes, Direcht LD was designed from the ground up to provide an effective solution for both empowering individuals to self care and assisting carers to provide the best support possible.

What environments is Direcht LD for?

Direcht Learning Disability (LD) is designed for use in Learning Disability environments and provides a way to empower people living with LD. 

Do we need additional hardware?

No, Direcht LD can run on your exsiting smart phones and tablets – both Apple and Android based devices.

What is the cost per service user for LD?

For a typical Learning Disability environment, the costs per service user is less than a coffee (not an all-singing and dancing grande latte!) 

Our Digital Solutions. 

Deterioration Monitoring and Escalation Software

Direcht Restore is designed to support homes and health professionals to recognise when a resident may be deteriorating or at risk of physical deterioration. act appropriately according to the resident’s care plan to protect and manage the resident.

Virtual Wards Software

Direcht Wards is a virtual monitoring solution that allows patients that are borderline for hospital admission to be monitored by a Doctor in the comfort of their own home – easing pressure on limited hospital beds.

Care Planning Software

Direcht Care is an easy to use yet exceptionally powerful care planning solution integrating deterioration monitoring and escalation  – and is designed to help carers provide the best care possible. 

Learning Disability Software

Direcht LD (Learning Disability) helps support individuals living within supported care environments, to self manage and develop their self-care ability.

Maternity Software

Direcht Maternity is a SaaS solution that replaces the Green Book, used within the midwifery sector.

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