What is Direcht Care tool all about?

Direcht Care is an easy to use yet exceptionally powerful care planning solution – designed to help carers provide the best care possible. 

What issue does it solve?

It provides a fully personalized care planning service with a focus on adapting to your requirements.

Direcht Care

The ultimate care planning solution.

Direcht Care is an easy to use yet hugely powerful care planning software that is designed to provide the ultimate care planning solution. Offering a fully personalised solution for care homes, Direcht Care also incorporates Direcht Restore, the full deterioration monitoring and escalation solution co-created by the Hampshire and Isle of White ICB.

What does Direcht Care do?  

Critical for patient care

Our mission is to foster quality improvement, facilitate effective communication of care decisions, and mitigate the risk of inappropriate interventions.

Cost-Saving Solution

Direcht Care enables cost reduction by streamlining workflows through the implementation of standardized reference information, providing training resources, and offering ongoing education opportunities.

Empowering Care Workers

Empowers the carers by equipping them with structuring their communications with healthcare professionals.



Emergency Escalation

Assists in acting and escalating promptly in case of an emergency.


Customise the escalation matrix in case of needing to escalate to an external healthcare professional.

Powerful data reporting

Powerful analytics and reporting of the NEWS scores for individual and all the residents’ in the care home.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Direcht Care empowers care teams by offering person-centered care through a range of features specifically designed to support you in your daily responsibilities, ensuring optimal care delivery each day.

What is a Care Plan?

A care plan is a personalized document that outlines the specific goals, interventions, and actions required to meet the healthcare needs of an individual or patient. It serves as a roadmap for healthcare providers to deliver coordinated and comprehensive care.

What are the advantages of using a digital care planning solution?

Advantages of using a digital care plan include enhanced accessibility, real-time updates, improved collaboration, streamlined documentation, efficient information sharing, and better care coordination for healthcare professionals and patients.

What is a contextual care plan?

A contextual care plan is a personalized care plan that takes into account the unique context and circumstances of an individual. It goes beyond the individual’s medical condition and considers factors such as their environment, social determinants of health, cultural background, preferences, and goals.

Why should I use a digital care plan over a paper care plan?

By recording care notes electronically, several advantages are realized. Care notes become legible, consistent, easily accessible, and securely stored. Retrieving information from the system is effortless and can be done swiftly and remotely. Management can set alerts and reminders, ensuring that no care support is overlooked, and everyone remains informed about service requirements. The time spent on generating reports is minimized, care documentation adheres to CQC guidelines promptly, and paperwork is significantly reduced, resulting in time and cost savings.

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