Who we are

Sidqam Ltd. (The company behind DIRECHT)

Sidqam Ltd. is a health-tech company that delivers standards-based health and care software systems that integrate with existing systems operating within the organisation. Our range of products is by the brand name ‘Direcht’, which stands for ‘Digital Records in Health Technology’. We specialise in community care products for midwives, community nurses, health visitors, and others. We also have special RFID tracking systems for expressed breast milk that forms part of the requirement for achieving HIMSS Stage 6.

We have digitised the Green (Maternity) and Red (Child Health) Book to enable paperless and up-to-date records to be maintained while ensuring there are near-real-time updates from GP and Hospital systems. Our systems work in an online as well as offline environment using lightweight handheld devices making it easy for care professionals to carry out their record-keeping requirements seamlessly alongside their main objective of providing good quality care.

We are a team of high-energy, enthusiastic, highly-skilled, and experienced health informaticians, clinicians, technical geeks, and sales and marketing enthusiasts who together want to improve patient experience with the help of technology.

Each person in our team is special because of who he or she is and what we can achieve together. This makes for a special company! Our company, Sidqam Ltd. was established in September 2014 and is headquartered in Manchester, UK. Although a startup, the co-founders of the company have over 15 years of experience each in the healthcare IT industry, working for the National Health Service (NHS) in UK. They also have a strong presence in various healthcare IT standards bodies such as ISO, BSI, IHTSDO, HL7 and others. Our clinical advisors on board have over 2 decades each as practicing clinicians, and help shape our Direcht range of products to make them relevant and useful for the health and care sector. With the backing of a solid senior management our team is well-equipped to meet even your most urgent or complex requirement. Whether you’re an NHS establishment wanting to improve business and operational efficiencies through technology or a private health and care provider wanting to increase return on investment, we will have a solution to help you improve, manage, and optimise your patient experience and organisational productivity.

If you’d like to contact us to know more about we do and how we can work with you to address your organisational pain-points through technology please drop us a mail at direcht@sidqam.co.uk.

DIRECHT (Digital Records in Health Technology) is our flagship product, which we are extremely proud of! We can boast that we are perhaps one of a handful of companies in the world that has implemented the ISO 13606 EHR Architecture standard for it’s underlying healthcare architecture and data models, and one of the very few who have extensively implemented SNOMED Clinical Terminology using the most user-friendly experience you can ever have (well our end user doesn’t need to know they’re using a clinical terminology… that’s how well we’ve implemented it!).

In addition, we have seamlessly implemented HL7 CCDA and FHIR for sharing interoperable customizable healthcare records, DICOM viewers, LOINC-based laboratory systems, dm+d-based pharmacy systems, RFID tracking systems, bespoke applications and a lot more. We have also implemented several clinical protocols such as Apgar score, Edinburgh Assessment, Bishops Score etc to ensure best clinical practise can be seamlessly adopted into digitised record-keeping.

If you want a highly secure, scalable, flexible, and standards-based healthcare software product, you know where to come ! We’re not just excellent at our job we’re also a great team of people to interact and do business with. Your vision is our mission!

Meet the Team

Dr Rahil Qamar Siddiqui

Managing Director
  • PhD Health Informatics, University of Manchester
  • Over 18 years experience in implementing health informatics standards in UK, as well as Europe and US
  • SME in ISO 13606, SNOMED CT Implementation and HL7
  • Extensive experience in achieving semantic interoperability using various standards
  • Architectural and data modelling consultancy to NHS Digital and NHS England

Fardeen Siddiqui

  • MCA and techpreneur
  • Worked for NHS UK in GM for over 12 years
  • Over 20 years IT management and development experience
  • Lead the 2nd phase of development and management of Salford Integrated Record
  • Involved in the Salford Lung Study
  • Won several awards for innovation and best practice system development in NHS for Salford PCT
  • Specialist skills in healthcare record integration
  • Deployed integrated reporting portal for Cheshire & Merseyside CCGs

Hugh Risebrow

Strategic and Commercial Adviser
  • Working with four NHS STP regions, and an Irish hospital group on the integration of
    pathology services
  • Advising nine individual trusts regarding private and overseas patient strategy
  • Advising three Trusts on commercial revenue generation options
  • Advising a European hospital group on their entry to the UK market, leading to the opening
    of a new private orthopaedic hospital
  • Advising a European pathology group on UK market entry options, including initiating
    discussions with three acquisition targets
  • Helping early stage healthcare technology companies to develop NHS partnerships

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