What is Direcht LD tool about?

Direcht LD (Learning Disability) helps support individuals living in supported care environments, to self manage and develop their self-care ability.

What issue does it solve?

Direcht LD address the gaps in LD care by empowering care providers to make well-informed decisions more efficiently, thereby encouraging greater autonomy and self-care among Learning Disability individuals.

Direcht LD

Designed from the ground up for Learning Disability environments.

It takes the core functionality within the award-winning Direcht Restore and tailors it to the settings required within Learning Disability environments to assist carers in looking after their patients and empower self-care.

What does Direcht LD do?  


Empowers the care providers to make information decisions relating to the individuals specific requirements

Helps with CQC Inspections

Provides evidence of care to assist during CQC inspections and helps inform the overall CQC rating

Intuitive and full UK based support

Easy to use software solution with UK-based tech support team


Helps reduce emergency calls

Helps reduce  the number of escalation emergency calls to external HCP

Supports LD individuals

Helps support individuals living within supported care environments to self manage and develop their self-care ability

Integrates with all popular software s

Open API enables easy integrations

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the advantages of using Direcht LD in an LD environment?

The 100% customizable Direcht LD enables care workers to provide the best care possible. 

What is the PAVA scale?

The PAVA scale, short for “Pain Agitation and Sedation Scale,” is a clinical tool designed to assess and monitor the pain levels, agitation, and sedation of patients. It provides healthcare providers with a standardized and structured way to evaluate these aspects, which are often interlinked and can significantly impact patient well-being and recovery.

Is Direcht LD tailored to specific LD environments?

Yes, Direcht LD was designed from the ground up to provide an effective solution for both empowering individuals to self care and assisting carers to provide the best support possible.

What environments is Direcht LD for?

Direcht Learning Disability (LD) is designed for use in Learning Disability environments and provides a way to empower people living with LD. 

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Direcht LD (Learning Disability) helps support individuals living within supported care environments, to self manage and develop their self-care ability.

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Direcht Learning Disability is available for download on Google Play.