Direcht Community Health

Direcht Community Health

Our Electronic Patient Record, developed using interoperability standards, can be tailored to create modules specifically
for community use. Our mobile software can be used both online and offline.


Direcht Restore

The application is the digitisation of the paper RESTORE2™ which provides monitoring of the physical deterioration and escalation of elderly in care / nursing homes.

Direcht GP Application

The application is an intuitive, AI-based application to enable detailed evaluation and clinical consultation making it easy for GPs to use.

Direcht Community Midwifery

The application is an intuitive walk-through of the Green Book, making it easy and familiar for Community Midwives to use.

Direcht Child Health

The entire application follows NHS interoperability standards and national protocols for child health monitoring.

Direcht Community Physiotherapy

An interactive, graphical body chart is utilised to select any joint or part of the body and capture data, without the need to draw anything in the record.