You’ve seen us mention that we adhere to SNOMED CT and maybe even have read our Case Study on their site but do you know what that means? We have put together this blog to help you understand what benefits this has to you as a patient, a health care professional or a decision maker.

What is SNOMED CT?

SNOMED CT is a standard clinical terminology (CT) from the International Health Terminology Standard Development Organisation (IHTSDO) which has been developed by experts from clinical, technical and terminological fields.  It enables clinicians and healthcare professionals to communicate effectively with one another by using the same terms so that no clinical information is lost or confused, as well as supporting multi-lingual translation, allowing for its use in over fifty countries.

We utilise this terminology in our Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, as it allows efficient communication between different healthcare systems and makes relevant information available at any juncture of patient care by practitioners of different specialties, including in an emergency. It makes the most of best practice to ensure key information is collated in one place, with centralised key facts which are neutral between systems of different authorities, contributing to the quality, consistency and safety of healthcare delivery.

What does this mean for the patient?

As a patient, your safety is enhanced because there is less room for miscommunication between your care practitioners when they are using consistent and reliable information. You will also have more time to discuss your immediate care needs, as you won’t have to repeat your health history when it is readily available to whoever you speak to.

What does this mean for the health care professional?

If you are attending your regular patient, you can keep track of their care easily in one place – even on the move.img There is no need to have bulky paper files nor the danger of any of the data being lost, EHRs can be accessed digitally in the most standard way. You will have both longitudinal and horizontal healthcare records available to you as and when required to deliver the most effective and affordable care to the patient. If you are seeing a new patient who you aren’t familiar with, you can quickly acquaint yourself with their history or what care they require due to follow-up, change of treatment or emergency.

What does this mean for decision makers?

Analytics, reporting and management can be done at any time and from any place, as clinical information has been recorded in a consistent manner, allowing you to investigate outliers and exceptions.  You can prove quality of care through the links between clinical records and clinical guidelines, as well as through limiting the frequency and impact of adverse healthcare.  You also increase the cost-effectiveness of care and reduce costs from duplicative testing and treatment, as well as having further interoperability between your systems and external systems.

Where do you go from here?

We are pleased to utilise software which is facilitating clinical research to constantly evolve and improve, which is why we think it is a key factor in why you should utilise our systems. You can discover more on our products here or contact us directly to discuss any queries at

We hope that this blog has helped you understand how SNOMED CT being embedded into our products increases their effectiveness and if you want to learn more about the development of the terminology itself, you can find out more at