Midwifery, Child Health, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Optometry and other specialties.

Our Electronic Patient Record, developed using interoperability standards, can be tailored to create modules specifically for community use. Our mobile software can be used both online and offline.


Giving patients access to their clinical records anywhere, anytime. The portal is used by many patients worldwide and is a proven product.
Accessible via smartphone or tablet, the portal provides parents-to-be with their antenatal information. We also give access to their children’s record, similar to the
Red Book.


Simplifies the development of logical data care models. Utilising the ISO13606 modeling framework to develop the core structure of clinical or demographic representations.
Provides SNOMED CT, Data Dictionary, other coding systems and FHIR compatibility.
Maps to Contsys, PRSB and FHIR models to aid data transformation and exchange.

Visit our Direcht modelling tool site to get started


Some of our tools include:
Integrated Reporting, Video Conferencing with Patients, RFID Tracking, Mobile working
Online and offline access, AI to support clinicians, Exchange of clinical data to existing systems, Data Warehouse for recording clinical community data & lots more.